Behind the Scenes of Wind River

Updated: Jan 26

If you've watched the movie Wind River #WindRiverMovie and would like to know even more about how this Nation we call the 'home of the Free and the Brave', could propagate and perpetuate the acts of rapists, murderers and an unconscionable crisis right here in the United States and Canada, the documentary Somebody's Daughter #SomebodysDaughter is your education.

I watched the movie Wind River after I heard about the Murdered and Missing Women and Girls crisis and tragedy. Here I am fighting for ecological justice and climate change solutions, trying to save endangered species and the #MMIWG crisis, the most horrific and most devastating thing of all, is happening right under our noses and we don't even know about it. Not to mention, these things are all tied together! Somebody's Daughter puts into plain and simple terms, one of the most complex and destructive issues in our country.

I think as humans, when we hear about tragedy, it's almost a protective strategy to have our psyche go to some place that says, "oh, that's terrible, so sad..." and then the worst comes... "Unfortunately, there's nothing "I" can do about it." That is the definition of dis-empowerment. That is exactly how we end up where we are. It is what leads to our life force draining out of us, with symptoms of insomnia, sleepless nights and days filled with anxiety. Because at heart, our true knowing, we understand that there is something terribly wrong going on, and yet we're not dealing with it.

For Nation Unsevered to be able to support an incredible project such as Somebody's Daughter is one step closer to healing and saving lives. Let's address this crisis together. We are #StrongerTogether ! Will you join us?!