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Listen to Founder's Interview on 1GirlRevolution Podcast: "Raising Awareness, Advocacy and Becoming an Ally for Native Americans" 

Founder's Interviews:

Acknowledge Our Past to Heal Our Future

- About Us -

Nation Unsevered serves as a bridge between non-native people and organizations who recognize the importance and necessity in supporting the needs, values, cultural preservation and wisdom of Indigenous Peoples. We invite the non-native community to pledge to stand WITH and FOR ALL Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Causes.


We believe that to heal and restore the nation and the Earth means to advocate for and stand with Indigenous peoples everywhere, in order that their Traditional cultures and wisdom is preserved for everyone's sake. While we can never change the past, we can face it together in order to transform today, based on the knowledge we now retain. 


All financial or in-kind donations directly support Indigenous led, solutions-based projects and initiatives that address:

1) Human Trafficking of Native Women and Children and the MMIWG Tragedy

2) Environmental Degradation of Protected Lands, Water and Endangered Species

3) Sovereignty, Empowerment and Self-Definition of Indigenous Peoples 

Nation Unsevered is continuously working with Indigenous communities and Tribal peoples to implement positive and practical solutions for critical issues that will have an immediate impact on lives and legislation.  The funds we raise go directly to initiatives and projects that directly affect Indigenous women, children, communities and for the healing and protection of the natural world.
We need your support now and ongoing!
In partnership with Native American Educational Technologies and Columbiana as our Fiscal Sponsors for your tax-deductible contribution. GoFund me page or contact us to send directly.
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