"Not in Our Name"

Updated: Mar 13

It's one of those moments that you read about in a great novel or story, when the character has a full body recognition that changes everything. When I say everything, I mean cellular, perspective, to one's entire life and everything about it, the cliched term "Life-Changing". When I learned about the de-listing of the Grizzly bear from the Endangered Species List, at first, I thought it was yet another assault against nature, the ecosystem, our environment. But then, I learned more. It clicked for me to see the powerful connection in one instant, what may be obvious to some, to others whom may be oblivious. To put it bluntly, animals were being taken off of ESA protections in order to allow private industry (specifically, extractive industry), to have access to what was previously protected lands. Extractive industry moves in, man-camps or worker camps set up, the demand for women and girls used for sex rises, and trafficking rates escalate. Pimps and dealers need to have a supply to meet that demand. It's a sick, dark, shadow side to this "comfortable" world I was living in. Not only would I do anything to #saveabear, but in doing so it meant saving our Mother Earth from further desecration, and more, it would mean doing ANYTHING in my power to stop or save even one Native woman or girl from being kidnapped, trafficked, raped or murdered (the old and current #MMIW crisis). Nation Unsevered is proud to say we funded the making of the Not in Our Name film. It galvanized public support for the case of Crow et. al., vs. Ryan Zinke and the Department of the Interior in which the DOI was defeated in a historic victory for a treaty to signed to protect the Sacred Grizzly bear in Greater Yellowstone by over 200 Tribes. Not In Our Name became one of Sierra Club's most watched film's on social media, got the Grizzly back on the Endangered Species list, and thus protected the land, and ultimately protected our Indigenous women and girls! Let's do more, so so so much more of this! It's all connected! We're all connected. We can no longer look away! Join our movement! Onward!