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- Our Purpose -

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have long honored and revered the Feminine for they know that She, in all Her majestic forms, gives life. The ancestors of the Indigenous People of this land, literally made fertile with their beliefs and practices, the place where we all stand today. Nation Unsevered believes that the healing of our nation and Earth lies in the healing and restoration of the Sacred Feminine in all forms. In order to heal and restore, the time has come for the non-native community to stand WITH and FOR ALL Indigenous Peoples, learn from their ancient wisdom and advocate for causes that are all of our causes.  What we do to Indigenous People, we do to Mother Earth, we do to the Sacred Feminine and we do to ourselves.  Nation Unsevered seeks to inspire movements, action and change through profound love, while facing hard truths and acknowledging root causes to current tragedies. Standing Bear from the Ponca Tribe said, "Underneath our Skin, the same color of Blood Runs."  May we NEVER turn our backs again.


- Our Mission -

Nation Unsevered is a movement made of fierce love, listening and service, where the Indigenous Peoples of this land elevate to the forefront of our consciousness and sacred activism.

We believe that our Indigenous relatives better understand the nature of the complex issues they face as a consequence of colonization and its dramatic and tragic effects that are still playing out in contemporary society.


We hope to inspire a sense of urgency and responsibility in every citizen to join in solidarity and learn from the Indigenous Community for the sake of all present and future generations. 

Nation Unsevered uses all financial and in-kind contributions to support Indigenous-led, solutions based initiatives.

Nation Unsevered holds the VISION that one day, Indigenous wisdom, knowledge and ways of life are finally honored, revered and integrated into the values of our contemporary society, helping us all heal and restore health, balance and integrity to people, nation and the Earth.



- Our Manifesto -



REMEMBER. YOU ARE A PART of it ALL.  Look for the STARS, "they are the womb of human CREATIVITY". Feel the TIDE that is IN YOU, in BREATH and BEAT. The MOON reflects YOUR BEAUTY, the SUN GIVES LIFE. EMBRACE the MYSTERY of the unknown.  Get your FEET on the GROUND, STAND TALL with TREES, BECOME ROOTED in the EARTH. OBSERVE the NATURAL WORLD, the ANIMALS TEACH US how to LIVE and BE, they are OUR RELATIVES.  Drop the phone and SAY HELLO. EVERYONE has a STORY that matters. EVERYONE MATTERS! Meditate on what YOU have been GIVEN. USE your ADVANTAGES to STAND for those with a disadvantage. BECOME a SISTER and  BROTHER to EACH OTHER. ACKNOWLEDGE and LEARN from the PAST so we can HEAL OUR FUTUREAPOLOGIZE with SINCERITY. ALIGN your CHOICES, ACTIONS and LIFE-STYLE with your most SACRED VALUESGROW your MIND, EXPAND your HEART. INDIGENOUS WISDOM holds the KEY to our TRANSFORMATION. Remember that WATER is SACRED, that PLANTS and BUGS FEED US, and ROCKS have ENERGYCONNECT to the RHYTHM of the SEASONS, there is a REASON for them.  TAKE CARE of OUR CHILDREN, for they are OUR FUTURE.  LOVE WOMEN, they are the LIFE-GIVERS.  TRUE BALANCE lies in the HARMONY between the MASCULINE and FEMININE.  HONOR the LAND.  KNOW your STRENGTH, KNOW your WORTH






About Erin

Erin E. Mitchell



I have been practicing Chinese Medicine as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist for over a decade.  This ancient medicine holds the wisdom that to band-aid symptoms only prolongs and worsens disease and that it is only by going to the root of any problem, where true healing begins. So I set out to better learn and understand the source of what seemed to be a growing cancer in our country, our Nation's beginnings. In May of 2018,  I traveled to South Dakota and Wyoming to participate in a Native American cultural immersion program, learning history through the lens of those who did not benefit from this nation's founding. What I learned and witnessed was painful. I had to face the hard truth that no matter how altruistic my contributions to this society may be, that as a privileged, middle-class, "educated", "white" woman, my ability to live, thrive, be "successful" and feel pride for my country, the United States of America, the Land of the free and the brave, is still contingent upon the largest act of

mass genocide ever in history. I believe that until we reckon with this core wound embedded in our very foundation, and many other truths that have been systematically and intentionally ignored, they will continue to fester like a cancer, dividing us and moving us further away from a true democracy.


After learning directly from Indigenous peoples and about their experience, I was better able to connect the dots.  I could see how our shadow history has led to the very modern tragedies of our time.  The climate change crisis, Black Lives Matter movement, the MeToo and LGBTQ rights movements are all indelibly connected.  The gutting of our Mother Earth, the kidnapping of Native women and children for sex trafficking to drill sites at fossil fuel industry "man- camps" and the trophy hunting of majestic beings for sport, all come from the same hate gene that propagated the heinous acts that culminated in the beginnings of the United States of America.

While I recognize that I am not responsible for acts committed before my time, I AM responsible for doing something about what I know today, which is why I founded Nation Unsevered. Friends and relatives, it is time we wake up, myself included. The glass of my safe and comfortable life has been shattered and my heart is broken open.  But while truth can hurt, it bears the resonance of healing and I want this true healing for all of us.  I realized that it was no longer enough for me to advocate for environmental and racial justice, it was not enough for me to practice Earth centered medicine, it was not enough for me to support our youth to better manage their stress and anger.  All of these ways are simply band-aids to cover up gaping wounds and the spreading infection caused by our founding.  But it is NEVER too late.

So I hope you will join me in whatever way calls to you in your own life.  If we really believe in the values of our country, if we really want peace, if we really want women's rights, and equal rights, if we really want ecological healing, then it’s time we listen and begin dismantling false foundations and rebuilding ones that are made of truth, integrity and love.  I believe that the Indigenous people hold the keys to ecological and soul-level healing.  If we don't stand for the Indigenous women and girls that are disappearing at alarming rates, there will be NO FUTURE for ANYONE or ANYTHING.


Without truth, we are lost souls unable to make meaningful contributions to the world, unable to know and love ourselves or each other. It’s time to be truthful about our beginnings so ALL of us can begin healing.  The soul of the Earth and our own souls are depending on us.  We are not here to "fix" or impose our ideas on Indigenous peoples, that would only be repeating a harmful pattern.  As Nation Unsevered, we come to learn, to stand with and for Tribal and First Nations peoples, as allies, as human relatives.               Will you join me?  ​

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