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Powerful Indigenous Women Leading the Movement

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Sunny Red-Bear, Nikkole Bostnar and Cante Heart in Takini, SD

I had the privilege of meeting these power-house Indigenous women in Washington, D.C. as we were lobbying for amendments to Savannah's Act on Capital Hill, which would compel Federal Law enforcement to dramatically improve data collection and sharing between relevant agencies, and also encourage greater cooperation and communication between, Federal, State, and Tribal offices. Sunny, Cante and Nikki, all brilliant, energetic and courageous leaders in their communities and beyond, they do everything in their power to address the #MMIWG crisis, on top of empowering and educating their communities on many levels. These women are not only leaders in the Native community, they are leaders for all of us. Every time an Indigenous woman steps into her power, shares her wisdom and reminds all of us that as women we hold within us the power to give life and lead with our hearts, we all heal. The Feminine has been devalued, desecrated and buried for too long by patriarchal and colonial dominance. Let us bring balance back to our selves, communities and world by remembering our inherent nature, by elevating the feminine and by supporting Indigenous women leaders. In doing so, we bring balance back between the masculine and feminine, where all healing begins.

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